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ID please!


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I swore all this rock was super dead except one small one from the LFS... Please help Id, only a yellow goby and hermits in here now.



Hard to get a good picture, hurt I'm pretty sure I saw 2 different ones a moment ago...


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Looks like a bristle worm




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It's up to you really. Bristle worms eat detritus. They have never bothered anything in my tank either and the sand is always cleanest by their dens. They're ugly, usually come out at night, and really only pose a threat to your finger if your moving rocks around. But even then it's just a poke lol. Still hurts though. I've seen posts of people asking for them! So do you need to get rid of it for the safety of your tank? No. If they give you the willies and you can't stand them then sure by a trap and get rid of it. Jmo, hope it helps.


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