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10g sump won't fit under stand due to design


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I bought this stand for my 29g tank and had the tank drilled and plumbed before I realized that my 10g sump wouldn't fit under the stand due to the vertical support you can see by the red arrow. I tried standing the tank up on end but it won't make the corner due to that piece.


As far as I can tell this piece is simply there just so there is something to attach the door hinges to. Are there any clever people who have some clever ideas on how to make this sump fit side to side? Having it front to pack is extremely inconvenient...



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Is this a standard 29g? 


30.25 x 12.50 x 18.50


If so i may be able to help you out. I have a 29g tank and stand, the stand has a hollow back so a 10g will slide right in there. You might have to add to the bottom in the case the 10g might stick out a little but not sure haven't measured for that.


Single door front.



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I think I know what I'm going to do. I've watched a few YouTube videos and it seems like at this point the easiest thing to do would just be find a plastic tote that fits in the tank either front to back or side to side and make my own wet/dry filter using a plastic drawer set, like this one:




They come in MANY different shapes and sizes and it seems like that would be easier to set up rather than customizing my tank stand with 29g of water, 10lbs of sand and 25lbs of live rock in it... Thoughts?


My main purpose for this sump is biological filtration not refugium so wouldn't this make more sense?

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Hrm, OK. Yeah I looked at ChrisQ's stand and it's almost identical save for having the open back. That would eliminate my problems right there. I tried taking some better photos to show that piece that the hinges are mounted on.









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Well I finally decided to pick up a used jigsaw for $15... and it solved my problem! Rather than cutting away the back wall which is definitely a load bearing wall, I cut a notch in the vertical piece that the hinges are mounted on. This most likely does help support the load but is not as vital as the main perimeter walls of the stand. Here's pics:





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