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29g Biocube and Accessories


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29 gallon Oceanic Biocube and stand with following:

Eheim Return Pump 
Eheim Jager Heater
Spin stream 
Glass and screen top
Intank media basket
Intank fuge basket 
Tunze 9002 Skimmer 
Tunze 3152 Osmolator 
Tunze 6040 Powerhead 

All for $250 or let me know if you would like an individual item and i'll give you a price.
Tank has one scratch on the front panel and the hood over the filter part has been modified to allow for the use of the Tunze 9002 protein skimmer.


http://29071989924_45f2838e7c_c.jpg0911161531c by kilmca, on Flickr


http://29073383713_fa555088b7_c.jpgfuge by kilmca, on Flickr


http://29073388193_d264e60dd1_c.jpgmedia by kilmca, on Flickr


http://29071992424_e62b78e326_c.jpg0911161528a by kilmca, on Flickr


http://29071994014_e7dfffec88_c.jpg0911161529c by kilmca, on Flickr

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