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Smoked Ribs and Pulled pork meals this Sunday Vancouver WA 98682


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Hello my name is Graham and my partner in crime is Brooke. We have been catering BBQ for friends and family for the last 3 years. We decided with summer coming to an end we would open up the opportunity for some of you to experience our home made meals. The meals will be ready for pick up this Sunday between 1pm-3pm. All orders must be placed in advance.


The BBQ pork will be dry rubbed 12 hours in advance of being cooked. They are cooked on a smoker at 225 for up to 13 hours until they are ready. All meat is USDA Choice grade meat.


The first meal that will be made is Ribs for 2 you'll get

1/2 rack of St. Louis style ribs

2 sides of your choice

2 pieces of corn bread

Choice of BBQ sauce

This meal is $25


The second meal that you can choose is pulled pork sandwiches for 4 you'll get

1 lbs of pulled pork

4 buns


4 sides of your choice

Choice of BBQ sauce

This meal is $40


We will also sell the smoked pork individually


Full rack of ribs $27

1 pound of pulled pork $15


Sides to choose from

Ranch Bacon pasta *Crowd Favorite*

Baked beans


Baked cheesy potatoes


Sauce choices

Dry rub only

Tangy mustard *crowd favorite*


**add $1 to any order and take the BBQ dry with sauce on the side to add as you'd like**


We must have at least 10 people signed up for us to cook as there is a considerable amount of time needed to properly make a smoked BBQ meal. This is posted in a few local groups, forums and Facebook


If you do have an event(birthday party, sports event or summer BBQ) that you'd like us to BBQ for we can do private events as well PM us if you'd like to get details.





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if anyone is wanting to get any food i will need to know in the next two hours. Pork was on sale so the price of Pulled pork will be $10 a pound if you'd like to pick some up. it makes great sandwiches, either serve it cold or toss it in a pan and and bring it back up to temp on med.  

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