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FishOnTheBrainCoral's 54 corner.


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It's been a while since I did a tank thread, clear back to one of my original tanks.. so I'll try to catch it up now that I got my camera working again. Mostly pics...I know you guys hate pics. Haha


So a little catch up. About 8 years ago I started with a 10gal, went to a 28bow, had a 10gal custom shallow, and now have the 54 corner. Lots of trial and tribulations later I'm still screwing things up haha.


54 corner has built in overflow, and ReefCorner 180P LED. and is a rather minimal equipment wise to keep it easy for the wife since I work out of town a month or two at a time.


I run an algae turf scrubber (DIY) that I'm still working the kinks out of, ATO, and put kaulk in the top off water. Since I'm gone for long periods I do a large water change when I get home, (1-2 months) and just before I leave after being home 1-2 months. Not ideal, but I somehow have been able to make it work. I dose nothing but feel that's going to have to be the next step to get color out of my SPS that I want. I started out checking water regularly, and have since gotten to the point of watching coral etc., and if things don't looks right, I change the water, and if there is still problems I'll check what's going on.


I have been lucky not to have too many problems, I had a period where hair algae was rampant and couldn't get a fish to live more then a week and found it to be a pump that was leaking voltage into tank. I found this first when I had a cut on my finger and felt a zing. Come to find out there were about 60 volts going through the thing.. still getting the last of algae since that but it's on the mend. Corals never seemed to be affected by it..wierd. otherwise I have been lucky enough to to have Flatworms, nudies, RTN, zoa poxs, brown jelly, or any other nasty issues.


Fish wise, I have a Kole Tang rescue, a extremely fat Six Line, a cleaner wrase, and a goby to make a mess of tank.


Coral, I have a mixed tank.

SPS I have a tricolor acro, I believe a bonus (TBD) and a forest fire digi.


LPS I have acans, blastos, a giant duncan, candy canes, an absurd amount of frogspawn, a cool teal hammer, a plait of sorts, a chalice, and a couple of unknowns


And a variety of Z's and P's and a clam


The tank needs a bit of organization, I want to get all zoa's on there own rock to separate colors and rearrange the sanded for its a bit cluttered.


And for the part you all have been waiting for.


The pics. [emoji41]



































The pics were kinda tough to get LED has white ballance all screwed up and with the bowed glass I can't get a perfect focus. I tried to correct them as best I could.


Hope you enjoyed!


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Thanks for the write-up!  You've got some great happy and healthy pieces there.  Is that tri-color encrusting?  It's hard to tell from the pics but it looks like it spread all over the rock and then has been shooting up stalks.

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For whatever reason, maybe too much light? All my SPS encrust a lot before they shoot up. It's ok, except it takes up a lot of real estate. It wasn't a "encrusting" coral though.


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Great pics! Thanks for sharing


It almost looks like two separate sps mounted to it

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