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Dry rock curing?


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Hello everyone I was just curious on what methods everyone uses to cure rock. I recently purchased some dry rock and would like to begin curing it. Would a food grade 55 gallon plastic drum work? I've been lightly researching the idea and would like your input.


Thanks in advance

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I dipped them with vinegar/water for 3 weeks, washed with pressure washer, bath in summer sun for 1 week, soaked them in rodi water for another 2 weeks! Only thing i didnt do was the muratic acid! They were old rocks 2-3 years old so they should leach out all the po4! If you bought dry rock from online then i would recd acid bath!

If you wanna cure those rock, i'd recd put in a tub with salt water, circulation and a heater. Find a "pest free" live rock, throw it in there and wait a few weeks! You can run some gfo if you want!

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To clarify, PET, PETE plastics will dissolve with bases (bleach) and these are plastics like water bottles. Other plastics like, HDPE, LDPE, PP and PTFE are all ok with bases.


You would have to check the recycle number on the bottom and compare it to what the manufacturer listed.


Acids should be ok.

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Thank you all the rock I currently have is what I bought from son which doesn't sound like it will need an acid bath. Can I seed the rock with just like some bio Spira or something so I don't have to take a chance with getting a bad live rock?

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