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ATO Fool (idiot) Proof - Apex prog


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Fallback OFF 
Set OFF 
If Sw1 CLOSED Then ON 
If Sw2 OPEN Then OFF 
Defer 002:00 Then ON 
Min Time 010:00 Then OFF 


this is my current prog on my Apex, sw1 is a std float switch,  sw2 the float is turned upside down


For you program guru's I want to add a line to turn it off "Period" after 10 mins of running because this line is not working "Min Time 010:00 Then OFF"





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One simple thing you could add:


OSC 000:00/010:00/050:00 Then ON 


That makes sure it only runs at the top of the hour for a max of 10 minutes.  Adjust times as necessary...


As with all things apex, test, test, test!


PS:  You know to use outlets 4 and 8 for topoff, sharing in case others do not.  (Other outlets can stick on if you are using a small pump for ATO)

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Thanks for that, I'll try it. Had some sponge growing on the main float and didn't catch it.  Had a 50gal flood, again,  with the ATO pumping in fresh water.


Oh boy, don't you hate that?


I have been running a second dry float for extra safety.  If it opens I know the main guy failed.  It is nice also for auto water changes to run three (sump low, regular ato control float, sump high)


Also there are 10-15 dollar leak detectors you can wire in like a float switch.  If they close, leak detected.


Ah well, good luck and sorry to hear it.

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