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Catching A Fish


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well damsels have a fatal flaw they are very aggressive especially around food. Grab a net and have it ready drop a big chunk of frozen food in the tank while he's hogging it swoop him up in the net. worked really well for me I got two out at the same time using this method. I then threw them in my sump for a few days tell I found them a good home.

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Try catching them when the lights are off, also it's best if you have a darker colored net. I've had lots of luck with this method. Also try cutting a plastic bottle in half then inverting one side and I use zip ties to hold it together. Then put a little food inside, once inside they can't escape. It's really easy I could send a picture


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I kinda doubt this would work for a damsel, but when I needed a soldier fish out of my tank my buddy and I found a small fly fishing fly with a barbless hook and managed to get him to take it. He fought pretty good but we had him out in about 1 minute start to finish. I had been trying nets and other stuff to no avail before that. May be worth trying if you have some fishing string and a small hook/fly

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