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40breederTank Breakdown lots for sale

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I plan to post things for sale as they become available as I'm transferring some of my rock and all my corals and fish to another tank (going smaller tank)


so far I have a few pieces of rock covered in chaeto that I'll do 15$ for all of it. I trimmed it back last week it made a sponge in my refugium.


If people want to follow along here is a list of things that'll be ready soon!


Drilled 40gal Breeder w/baffles

Basic homemade stand

DIY 20galL sump

2 Two little fishies 550 reactors

EcoPlus 172

EcoPlus 528

Filter socks

Rock of Xenia

DIY LED unit built from Rapid LEDS custom controller for sunrise sunset (stand for that is drilled onto tank stand.)


All is in great condition. I will include the baffles and bulkheads. I'm throwing away all the tubing.


I'll include more pictures as I clean it but everything will be as spotless as possible.


I'm thinking 600 OBO for everything. But will piece it out if I don't find a good offer. 13cb3ae1a821d6222cd1c9f3d4bfcf27.jpg77b27c3def8ec3e727e26d1bd936b018.jpg81b087c9951b2359a2b617b346c57624.jpg993dc68374233463b78eae823f952f2d.jpg45c7c5ec13cec20eb6965a6ccb8617c8.jpg





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Piecing it out.


~40gal with baffles and stand $80 $50without

~LED lighting $250(pending)

~20gal sump (DIY Built) $30

~Two little fishies 550 reactors $30each or both for $50

~Korilias $15 each or both for $25

~EcoPlus 528 $20

~EcoPlus 172 $10

~sump flood light with extension cord $10

~ filter socks thrown in with purchase 0573892427fd05a8644112c05c81e510.jpg29d1ec623abbd0d68d27ef4ffed69f59.jpgdf8af6775495e0677609b419c6d62d7a.jpg2b597e258d49dc5420cf8b7c4375bb99.jpg48220708c5c30422734aeb2dabbb9ec6.jpgc60ccc3a7b534b6f7ab0b77e0ff3f13d.jpg



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40gal without stand $30

              With stand $40  (No way! ten bucks for an awesome sturdy stand!? Thats a crazy good deal!)


30lbsish of LR FREE just come and get it


EcoPlus 528 $15


EcoPlus 172 Coral Trade?? main interest ATM are zoas and yumas


Korilias $10 each or both for $15


Sump $20


Light $200


Text me at 8133992306 if interested in anything

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