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FS: Gold Dwarf Moray Eel 150$


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It is gonna be hard to let go of this guy but I will be taking down the 20 and I just don't think there will be enough room for him in the seahorse tank. 


These guys are great for those of you who love eels like me but only have a nano tank. I have had him for about a year. He will eat frozen shrimp on a stick and I also just give him a chunk of LRS frozen food every few days.


I would recommend a cover on the tank. I also put a mesh cover on my vortech.  He really doesn't roam around much but initially when introduced to a new tank it is normal for them to roam around more to get their bearings.


He is a model citizen and has never eaten a fish. In fact he was hanging out right next to the seahorses. 


He is super hardy as well!


150 dollars to a good home! 

Again a really cool addition to any nano!









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