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Fourth of July Sale! All weekend long!

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Fourth of July Sale! All weekend long!

Small/Medium Purple Tangs $99
Strawberry Shortcake Frags $10
Medium Yellow Tangs $19
Red Sea Coral Pro 200 gallon bags $59 with purchase
Kent 200 Gallon Box $40 with purchase

All are limited to supply on hand. 

Tons of new shipments and amazing stuff in stock! Here is some highlights and happy Fourth to everyone!IMG_7186_zpsre2jm1po.jpgIMG_7180_zpsrfsl9thq.jpgIMG_7174_zpspljudsy0.jpgIMG_7167_zps8dudbzb8.jpgIMG_7157_zpsy80tjyb7.jpgIMG_7156_zpsilgjo6ye.jpgIMG_7149_zpstfseiu34.jpgIMG_7153_zps5so8ubyf.jpg


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Hopefully you all went and got salt....................one sweet deal!  Shortcake frags looked sweet so had to bring one home along with a really nice encrusting monti......as usual plenty of sweet looking stuff!

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Dang it, I totally forgot to get a thing of Red Sea salt when I was up there yesterday! O well. Lots of nice stuff in stock and I walked away with a beautiful Aussie Gold torch Showpiece :)



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