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WTT: JF Askrak for MP-10


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As the title says, I fragged my JF Askraks (Red spackles) into a few frags and I'm looking to trade one of them for an MP-10.

Possibly an mp-40 but I would prefer the mp-10 first :) also if the deal is right, I can add cash on my part. stupid me forgot to take a picture of the actual frag before I left on a trip to Cali but I'll get you a picture as soon as I get back. It's a single polyp and has been healed up for one week. So about another week and it will be good to go. I'm planning to be in Portland next weekend if that helps anyone. :)


Thanks for looking,



Edit: I should say I'm also open to a Gyre 130.


Here is a mother colony pic. 10f160623718ce4632ccecf748ad1078.jpg



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Colony is looking good!

thanks! That picture is a little old, it has popped out 3 more polyps since I took that picture :) they seem to really like my system. I also fragged off a nice two polyp frag to place in the display as a back up colony too. They are so bright a colorful, easily one of my favorite polyps! :)



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