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FS 120 gallon tear down


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I am tearing down my tank and selling the listed below. I am motivated to sell and will make you some good deals. I need to sell before I move next week.



Fish will be last to go since I can’t catch them until all the rock is gone.


120 Gallon Glass Aquarium (4x2x2). No scratches and in great shape. Comes with stand, sump and two return pumps.   $350


48 inch Tek T5 8 bulb fixture with bulbs, 2 new ballasts and connectors. $150 (4 brand new bulbs)


48 inch Reef Brite Led strip (50/50) $160


Large pieces of live rock ($3 a pound) most rock has different types of coral (Mainly SPS) on them. $3 a pound is just a starting point, I will make you an awesome deal. Most of the live rock are large pieces.



File fish (eats pellets/frozen food)  $20

Large sailfin tang  $30

Red Head Solaris Wrasse $30 (4 to 5 inches)










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