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My new skimmer!


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I just had to share here since I'm like a kid on Christmas ans others look at me like I have ten heads when I talk about protein skimmers!


Yesterday the skimmer I have always wanted to try came and it's awesome! The skimmer is a Bubble King mini 180. This thing is dead silent, with the exception of a slight vibration, you can't tell it's running. The build quality is very nice and it's built like a tank. 

Royal Exclusiv's packaging and documentation are very nice. They send you a laminated parts list for the skimmer and pump along with a manual that is full color and very well written.

Here are a few pictures: 









It took a little work but it fit in my sump



And this morning it was already pulling some nasty



I'm kinda surprised I'm still alive after my wife saw our account but hey, you only live once!  :daz:

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All I have to say about this skimmer is wow! It's the quietest skimmer I have ever used, since switching to this and my return to a Deepwater Aquatics DC, the fan on my Kessil is the loudest thing on my tank! I have emptied the cup once since starting it and it continues to produce great skim. The thing that I noticed right away is the air draw, it will suck you skin against the silencer when you grab the lid and it shows in the bubble production.


If you have ever considered a Royal Exclusiv product don't hesitate, great product.

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