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Pico LEDs diy


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A few weeks ago we kicked the beta out of the 5 gallon cube and converted my daughters pico to a saltwater tank.

She loves it!

Lights were of course terribly deficient, I felt bad for her knowing they would need an upgrade.

So a few nights ago we built a new 3 led fixture!

It turned out beautiful, she now has a maxi mini and a sassy shrimp.

Sharing details for those who may be interested in building similar fixtures.


Mean well led 700 driver
Aluminum channel (Home Depot)
12v 2 amp power supply (5 bucks Amazon)
Leds (many from previous projects lying around)
Wire nuts
Tie wraps


Follow the led wiring diagram for the LDD it is simple. No need to use dimmer wire / white wire.  +/- into the ldd, +/- out.  


LDD in goes to the power supply, LDD out goes to the LEDs

You can tie wrap it up for strain relief and it doesn't really require a project box as this is all 12v.



LDD 700 driver




This shows the aluminum c channel the leds, wiring + to -, repeat until the end.


I used cat 5 internal cable as it is sufficient and easy to deal with being so thin.


The tie wraps are for strain relief on the solder joints and for hanging the light.



Mounted to existing light (hidden under cabinet when in place)


Hard to see true colors but it's a nice purple blue.  I used 1 pink 420, 1 purple 420, and one 445.  The pink 420 puts out enough white that it worked.



The maxi mini is in the middle of the rocks of course, hard to get a picture but it opened right up to the lights.

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