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How do I get rid of these darn waving hand weeds


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Hello fellow aquarium people.


A while back I got these waving hand soft coral from a lfs and now they are like weeds crowding all my corals and killing some. I have tried to kill them by scraping them from the rock but they just keep comming back. I have coral that are attached to the same rock. Show piece sized that I dont want to kill but dont know how to kill the waving hand coral without disturbing the others. They are stunting the growth of many of my corals and I am tired of it.


Jay over here in Vancouver

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a blow torch always works good to clean up the left over tissue. I do that with aiptasia, zoas, mushrooms, GSP etc that grows out of control. If you have to you can drain a portion of the tank temporarly (assuming its less than 100gal or so) and use a small propain torch to make sure the last of the tissue is toast. Litterally.

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