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Innovative Plastics

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If its the same ruben, im assuming it is, he built a few of the frag tanks and upscales. Maybe reach out to travis and see what his thoughts are. I dont think any have busted a seam or anything so thats a good sign!


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Good to know! I'll definitely give Travis a call.

Thanks PB!


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Ruben is a great guy, I have known Ruben for about 12 years and he has built  about 12 to 15 tanks for my personal use and I have never had any problems with any of them all the seems look great and have never failed. As for the sumps, again never any problems. Ruben has over 30 years working with acrylic and he knows what he is doing so if you ever need any thing built or custom work done I would recommend him to anyone he does great work at a fair price.



I hope this helps

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Innovative Plastic Concepts

Thanks SALTY, forgot the "Concepts" part.


Yeah, I knew from the get go that he is good at what he does. Also, like you mentioned, very fair in pricing.


Picking up my 36x36x24 w/ somewhat coast to coast overflow Bean animal style, hopefully next week! Along with my 30x30x18 sump, also custom.


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