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custom tanks


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I know I shouldn't put this up cuz I'm gonna get blacklisted (hitme) but I really think some of these tank designs are GORGEOUS. I'm referring to the aesthetics of the tanks/stands/canopies, not the painted fake corals in them(puke)


I guess these kinds of tanks would all HAVE to be a FOWLRs. 'Seems too hard to get into and out of for anything else.


I really like the old-world look of the big round 1265g in Ft Lauderdale, but all I can think is: How do you clean to the bottom of something 6'D w/o getting into it? (scratch)


There must be a way to merge architectural beauty like this with the utility of a properly functioning reef tank...???



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Why have a TV when you can have a 2500 gallon reef wall! :D


When I was growing up, my parents would set us in front of the 10g guppy tank instead of the TV. It was more interesting to watch the fish than what was on the tube. Maybe a 2500g is 250 times better than a 10g... But I bet the fish in that big tank don't make babies like the guppies! (whistle)



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