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Club Multimeter


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Thanks again Matt!


We now have a Multimeter for testing electrical current, and an Apogee Quantum Meter for testing PAR of lighting.


All equipment is available for loan to paid PNWMAS Members. Equipment can be very expensive, and a deposit is asked, which is fully refundable on return of borrowed equipment. All meter are in good working condition at this time. I have downloaded and printed Operating Manuals for both meters.


FLUKE 112 / 115 TRUE RMS MULTIMETER Quick Start Guide http://www44.homepage.villanova.edu/jeremy.carlo/electronics/Fluke_meter_instructions.pdf


 Fluke 115c and 117c Users Manuals http://assets.fluke.com/manuals/115C117Cumeng0100.pdf





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Sure thing. I will need to look into deposit amount and procedure. I had to take time off from the club right after we purchased the Apogee Meter around 2010, and do not have the details of meter, books, etc. being loaned out. We need to look into what happen to the PNWMAS Library. We had quite a few books and I believe some DVDs at one time!

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