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Road Trip to Barrier Reef

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I drove up to Barrier Reef Aquariums for their customer appreciation sale on Friday.  I was definitely not disappointed.  Lots of great deals, it was hard to leave.

ended up leaving with-

turbo snails

astrea snails

green planet acro

unknown zoa

red tabling acro

8 peppermint shrimp

fire shrimp

skunk cleaner shrimp

diamond goby

mandarin dragonette

blue linkia star

and a bag of sand.




My new fish were not social enough this evening to get a picture.

And If that I wasn't enough, I had to stop and see Jeff at CNC on the way home.  Went to see him for salt but ended up with a clam and a sea hare as well.




Unfortunately the sea hare passed away this evening.  Not sure why, he was roaming the tank fine for the last 18 hours.  Weird.  Guess Ill have to find another solution to my GHA.


Thank you to everyone at Barrier Reef Aquariums.  Thank you Jeff, it was good to see you again.

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OH MAN, nice looking corals man, I have not been able to find a Green Planet anywhere.

One day I will make that trip to Washington, maybe car pool with some one and bring a cooler.

They had half a dozen of them.  It was one of the door busters too at $19.99, couldn't pass it up.

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