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Time for the chores! Some advice please. . .


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So, this morning I put together some RO/DI water with my salt and began my weekly chores. I like to do about 10% water changes weekly, I feel it's a small enough amount that there should be very little stress to the tank. After the water change was complete, I began to clean the algae, some areas a bit more "elbow grease" then others. Next is the outside; a good wipe down with a cloth of vinegar water. As I'm doing this, I look up at my new lights. I have the IT-2040 set. The glass has some splash residue on it. My question is this, how do I clean this? Should I use my vinegar cloth at night after they turn off? Should I wait a certain length of time before cleaning them after they turn off? Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated! 



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I have had best results using a full strength cheap white vinegar.  When I see it on sale cheap, I buy up a few gallons... it has so many uses.  Wipe down the cooled glass and let it soak as long as you want. Depending on how bad the deposits are, sometimes 20 minutes is long enough. Sometimes using a new razor blade on the wet surface may be needed. Then cleanup with tap water. I do my best cleanup work on things like this in the morning before lights go on. :) A little vinegar and razor blade saves a lot of elbow grease!

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