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Sasquatch Sightings!!!


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Had to share this one with you Sasquatch, found this at the local Humane Society Animal Thrift store. A place that all the profits made go to the local humane society and many of the items in the store are animal related. There are also many other treasures that one must come in frequently to find Such as this Gem!!!





As soon as I saw it I thought of you man. "encounters with Big Foot" WHAT!


This thing is full of crazy "Facts" about the Legend that you probably did not know.




Maps? Yes there are maps of where you may find the Sasquatch and as you may have guessed there are many sightings peppering the western parts of Oregon.




If you look closely you may just find that he has been right in your neighborhood without you even knowing it.


But really this is actually a Thank You thread for the Sasquatch, those last zoas looked great and I look forward to snagging a few more for my little garden...Oh I will be bringing you the book so you can take a look and maybe get a laugh.

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I am glad they included all the "latest scientific developments" instead of all that other dribble people publish, after today I may have to start taking notes in my log book...For I am tracking the elusive Sasquatch, and I aim to find him.

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