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My lawnmower blenny just laid eggs


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I thought i just had a really fat lawnmower blenny but when i woke up today he was much thinner and was guarding his eggs, not much of a parent though, he was pretty quick to leave when i noticed his eggs. I guess this explains the marble sized lump in his stomach and the fact hes been chasing the mag cleaner around when i clean.





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This is in my frag tank with a great deal of flow with a six line, yellow tang and a springari damsel.


Plus, where he/her decided to lay the eggs is about 6'' from the damsels den so with the flow and tank mates i don't expect much hope for them unfortunately. 

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In the event that the eggs are fertile, here is some spawning/rearing info:


Marine Ornamental Fish & Invertebrate Breeders



The Breeder's Registry



The Marine Breeding Initiative


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I encourage you to find a mate for her. You know she is a female, and sexually mature.

According to the Breeder Registry report, the male "develops several orange spots and speckles in the dorsal fin, making him appear more colorful and “impressive”."

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Here's a good read on the subject, i'm entertaining the idea of looking for a male.




It won't let me attach the .pdf so you'll have to download it.

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