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I got my new MP40Qd.... sweetness


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Through an unfortunate series of events my old MP40 crapped out. So I freaked out and ordered the new MP40Qd. I got it in the mail yesterday........ and it's pretty nice. Like real nice. It is mega quiet. Little to no vibration. I feel like my aquariums own natural sounds dampen any noise pollution an MP40 would contribute. Unless damaged. It would be more amazing for someone who is into the thrill of getting their aquarium to be as quiet as possible. I personally get little utility from the glory of how quiet it is. It is really quiet though. 

I would say the flow is about the same. I have 3/4" thick glass, I have a 100 rimless, and I almost feel like the magnetic disk they put in this newer model is stronger than the last. I didn't use the spacer with my old unit, just the little rubber guard, but knew that the assembly would fall off the glass if it wasn't secured with a bunch of cable tie mounts. 

All wetside components for prior MP40's are not compatible with this unit. So that kind of sucks. 

I'm still fiddling around with trying to fix a bearing on an old rotor I cannibalized. $350 is a lot of money for me .... so I *might* not keep it and sell it on here if I can fix the old one.

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Nice. Have you looked into the Maxpect Gyre before ordering the new vortech? And if you did, what made you choose it over the gyre?

I did. For a couple of reasons I went with the MP40: I would need a magnetic adapter to accommodate my glass thickness of 3/4", with the dimensions of my tank there is really only one location where the pump would go and I didn't want cords traveling through the water, I don't like the design life cycle for the kind of impellers the unit has-and think it's why their parts are so readily available, in terms of the benefits of laminar flow versus turbulent all that translates to in my mind is low versus high velocities. For my idealized flow mixing is just done with rotational flow, versus irrotational.The whole point of these systems is to have rotational flow and think it is best done with high Reynolds numbers aka Turbulent flow. I was going for overall movement of water and mixing as much water as possible. So I don't think I need the diversity this pump solicits with all the additional moving parts. 

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Great post! I'm glad someone moved on the units.  I am still considering the older 40 if I can find one since the price has dropped so much on them.  The black units definitely look sleek, though.

I was looking for one of the MP40's for the sale price but didn't have much luck. Mine just crapped out at the wrong time.


I'm going to be going to a buddies machine shop (in Ashland this weekend)to use their hydraulic press to hopefully not ruin the rotor I have. I already have the bearings I need so if I get my other one fixed then I'll have a pretty new MP40. If you'd be interested in it@higherthinking I also have a bunch of extra components for it. 

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