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High quality equipment FS from tank tear-down.


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Hey everyone,


Just tore down my tank and have lots and lots of equipment for sale. Most prices are generously low, and I will be more than happy to (privately) make deals for multiple items. 


I can accept, cash, PayPal, and credit cards (via PayPal). Located in Albany, OR in an easy to reach location. I can be contacted via phone/text at 503-860-725(zero) - although that is also my business phone number so I might answer with the name of my business (I prefer texts during business hours). I can also be reached via PM through the PNWMAS forum, or email at beardedsmurf@comcast(dot)net. 


All items will be first-come, first served, and held for up to three days after being "claimed" or other arrangements are made. Communication is key. Most of these items can be shipped to you and arrive within 1-2 days in Oregon/WA for between $3-10 depending on size/weight. Will not ship tanks, sump, or frozen fish food. Pick-up or meet only on these items.


Can meet anywhere in the Albany/Corvallis area to drop off anything over $25 total. For $150 or more, I will go to Salem or Eugene. Will meet in the Portland area for $300 or more (although shipping is probably just as fast and equally expensive for most items). Meetings will be at a local fish store or mall/public place. All payments for out of town meet-ups must be in advance prior to leaving for the meeting to ensure there are not any no-shows.


I will be available most any day/any time between 8am and 9pm. I can text/email photos of anything on this list. Questions welcome.


For a reference, Badxgillen has seen my setup and equipment and can vouch for it's quality and that it has been taken care of.


Here's what's for sale:

(I have saved the list of goods as images hosted remotely that I can update as items are purchased.)






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LED light measurements:


E-Shine 3G units measure 24" L x 5.5" W x 2.75" H; Black fixture. Blue/white separate channels. 3W bulbs, separate controller for setting 24g light cycles.  4 available, 2 with 60°lenses, 2 with 90°


AquaBeauty unit measures 18" L x 8" W x 2" H; White fixture. Blue/colors separate channels. 3W bulbs, integrated controller for setting 24g light cycles. Comes with remote control. No lenses, excellent light spread.


AquaSun model is 18" L x 8.5" W x 2.5" H; Black fixture. Blue/white separate channels. 3W bulbs, integrated controller for setting 24g light cycles.   Comes with remote control. 120° lenses for good spread.

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How much do would you charge to ship to Vancouver 98664 for the Red Sea Reef Foundation Kit ? Im interested in it.


The kit (when boxed up) weighs about 1 lb. That's about $5 via US Mail for that weight. Should be there the next day.


Oddly enough, the shipping price doesn't increase much for a fair amount of additional weight. It's not until around 10lbs that it hits $6 for postage, so if there's anything else you're interested in, it won't cost anything extra to ship.

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I have to say thank you for dropping the goods off for me, much appreciated.


And for those that are considering buying some things he takes excellent care of his equipment, some things I got still have the original packaging and appear to have not been used.No scratches on the acrylic or light covers, clean or unused tubing and media, calibrated measuring kits\tools.Good guy to deal with too, thanks again man.

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