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Black Cap Jawfish Being Antisocial

Trenton Henderson

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When I forst put my Jawfish in the tank I was feeding twice a day and he was really active. Now I've only been feeding once a day because of nitrates. Is he not being as active because I don't feed twice a day. It almost feels like my tank is more boring since I stopped the second feeding. I'm starting it again, but how do I keep the nitrates back? They seem to stay at 10-15. I only have 30 pounds of live rock in my 55 though, and I was going to get some more, but is that the cause of my nitrates? The fact I that I don't have enough bacteria.

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Try and put some more sand of different textures and sizes around his burrow along with some very small rubble/shells etc.

He should take all these things and make his home just as he wants it.


It's normal for him to dig a hole and post up in there, thats the fun thing about Jawfish, their like little troops in their bunker/foxholes.

With Jawfish, they build their own home, you just need to provide them with their "building supplies" :)

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