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Who are our acrylic builders here?


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So I have gone through several tanks trying to find a good one I liked. Currently I'm restoring a 4' 120 acrylic, which is what I thought I was wanting but after looking and thinking about my stand, I think I want something that will fit my custom made stand better. 

So to you custom acrylic tank gurus I am looking for ruff cost and ideas on a tank to fit my stand better.

My stand is 71.5"W x40.5"H x24"D.

My thoughts are a tank 71.5"x 27"x 24", size is based on my height and stand size, I am also looking into a decent rated silent overflow (bean animal?) capable of handling my Jebao DC 12000 at full speed, ~3000gph. Also would like good access to inside of the tank so as big of openings as possible.


A ruff estimate is all I'm looking for, I have not committed to switching to another new tank again. 

Also any ideas (overflow style? close loop? round corners?) are welcome.

If there is any other info I should post also let me know, usually on here daily. 

Thanks in advance.

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Is he on here? If so can someone tag him or let me know his screen name.

Please and thank you.


I just had a tank built by James at envision almost the exact dimmensions. I can't recommend his work enough.

Would you mind posting or PMing me about the cost/pics don't need to be specific. Just wondering if it would be feasible for me, don't want to waist anyones time. 

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