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Lunare Wrasse for sale $15


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I have a lunare Wrasse that I need to sell. Happy, healthy fish. Never bothered any inverts. I am selling because I am going to be taking my tank down to move or sell and he's the first fish I caught.


He's about 5-6 inches.


$15. Located in Washougal.

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The wrasse is sold.  


Apart from it, I have a blue hippo tang, yellow tang and bangai cardinal left. 

There are some various inverts in the tank, a few pep shrimp, serpent star, crabs, snails.  


For coral, I lost a bunch a while back.  I have some softies left.  Kenya trees, toadstools and a few dozen mushrooms of about four different types.

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It's going to be a trick to catch any of my fish.  I have a ton of rockwork with plenty of hiding places.  The tangs in particular seem too smart to let themselves get caught.  I have a trap set, but no takers so far (apart from the wrasse).  Until they're caught, there's not much point since they can't be netted.  If anyone has ideas I am open to hearing them.   




Blue tang - $60. Hes over 6 inches

Yellow tang - $45. At least 5 inches

Bangaii cardinal - $20. A good 4 inch specimen

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i'll take the yellow tang, let me know when your able to catch him.


Tried to PM you, but couldn't.  I have caught the fish and the yellow tang is ready to go.


PM me if you are still interested.


MODS - I have created a new thread with the appropriate title for my three fish for sale.  This thread can be closed.

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