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Moving....90 gallon Tank and all the trimmings


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4' glass tank drilled for returns and overflow. Powered by Reeflo Dart Hybrid 1 year old with a Reeflo Snapper for backup. 30  gallon double sock sump. ASM G Series skimmer, 2 media cannisters, Elite 6 bulb t-5 fixture. Brute 30 gallon tub on wheels and a nice RO unit with new filters.

Will separate only if absolutely necessary.  Asking $750. Includes a custom built oak hood. A nice well maintained tank.


I also have the following livestock:

2 double hand sized bubble tips nems...they have been real consistant splitters on are on the pinkish side...$45 ea. plus the rock at $2 a lb

2 single hand sized reddish orange bubble tips with the greenish cast body...also consistant splitters...$35.00 ea plus $2 a pound for the rock they are on

1 fat and sassy skunk clown...$20

1 cleaner shrimp $8.00

Lawnmower blenny $8.00

1 firefish...$10.00

Snails and crabs galore

rock with shrooms, ricordia


Please text 503-559-0493 with questions, comments and for pictures.

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