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Reverse cycle.. Worst thing ever!


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I decided to run the grow out tank in reverse cycle mode. Not only are my fished confused by it but it seems that it has also messed with my internal clock. I've been up til 4am two nights in a row now! On the bright side my ph is 8.31 at its lowest and 8.33 at it highest. :)

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I don't get why the light in the garage is messing with your sleep. Maybe I'm missing something. I run the reverse light cycle as well for my macro. I had to cover the light because it would overflow into the living room and into the bedroom.

I'm pretty sure it's a joke.

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My bad, sometimes I'm slow on things.  I didn't want to come right out and say, "Hey man, you better be joking because if you're not, you're definitely a weirdo."  I just thought I'd play it a bit safer :)  Anyway, it's good that your tank is working out.

Haha, well thanks for being tactful about it. I can definitely appreciate that. I wouldn't completely disagree on the whole "weirdo" thing though :)

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