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Classified's rules and info, ALL users please read before posting


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1. PNWMAS is not responsible for any transactions made in this forum. It is the responsibility of the seller/buyer to weigh their risks before selling/purchasing.

2. Any posts that do not have anything to do with the buying, selling, or trading of an item will be removed.

3. Commercial Members (Sponsors) are not allowed to start for sale threads in the Classified section. However, they are allowed to respond to Wanted to Buy threads. Please see Forum Rules.

4. Commercial Members (Sponsors) are allowed to purchase items from the Classified Section.

5. When posting in the Classified Section please include in your title if you are "SELLING" (WTS), "TRADING" (WTT), or "LOOKING TO BUY" (WTB).

6. If there is not a price clearly stated in your post, your thread will be removed without warning or explanation.
All current active threads will need to include a price immediatley or they will be removed.

7. Links to other websites are not allowed. Posts with links to other websites will be deleted.

8. If you have multiple items for sale, they must be listed in one thread.

9. Posts disputing sale price will not be tolerated and will be removed without warning.

10. There is a minimum of 25 posts in order to post in the classifieds.

Consequences for violating the Classified Section Rules ( From the Forum Rules)

The PNWMAS forums and website are governed by Administrators and Moderators. All of the Admins and Mods are volunteers and are unpaid by PNWMAS. It is your duty to accept and respect the decisions of the Admins and Mods. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. The first offense will be a verbal warning that will be received by PM or e-mail. The second offense will be the temporary suspension of the use of the website and its forums. The length of this suspension shall be 72 hours. The third offense will be a permanent ban of the use of the website and its forums and the removal of memberships status with PNWMAS. The Admins and Mods have right to edit or remove any post that violates the terms of the forum rules. PNWMAS reserves the right to refuse or revoke the membership status of anyone for any reason by a majority vote of the Officers and Board Members.

Thank You

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