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Got a few things in trade that I don't need. All is obo or trade for corals


Small biocube or similar not really sure what brand it is, was going to use as quarintine but don't need it anymore. Has t5 lights, one actinic one daylight, comes with heater and algae magnet. 40 bucks



oceanic salt mix 90gal bottle, about 75% left, 5 bucks


MarineDepot refractometer, 35 bucks------now 30


Air water ice 50gpd mighty mite ro/di, 55 bucks--------now 50


Current usa satellite fixture, this is the dual bulb one that they don't make anymore. You can only buy the single 18w version now. Bulb is 18w actinic, and 16w daylight, and moonlight. Bought it brand new for 70 bucks, used it for 2 weeks on a picotope... 35 bucks---now30




I will also take trade for corals for a 14g biocube, and nano fish.


I'm in gresham off of 257th


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