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Isn't he adorable?


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A big thank you to Kim and Beth for my newest addition to the family... We're now a two dog, two parrot, two mantis family.


He's a 3.5" Male Peacock Mantis. (Edit: Turns out he's actualy a Gonodactylaceus Ternatensis) Cute as a button.


He's going to temporarily live in the majano propagation tank until my 25 gallon tank gets here later this month. The majano tank has been modified for mantis habitation and will work well until I have the bigger tank up and running.


Here he is in a tupperware container being acclimated to the new tank.





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Here's his new home:




It has an opaque top to reduce light from the refugium lamp that is growing chaeto. A small amount of indirect light bleeds through, but it should be dim enough that it won't promote shell rot which can happen to deeper water species like the Peacock if lighting is too bright.


Filtration is a basic AC70 HOB filter with chemipure elite, purigen and chaeto and a filter pad. The same basic setup as my 10 gallon tank. There is also a 300gph nano powerhead in the tank for circulation on top of what the AC70 provides.



I used some black shelf paper to cover the back of the tank and half of the sides:






The rockscape is pretty basic with a U-shaped tube buried underneath to provide a ready-made home. If he doesn't like the tube, I've provided a large amount of live rock rubble for home building.




I can't wait to get some better pictures that really show his color. It's pretty amazing.




Hopefully he'll come out today and be social, but I'm not counting on that too much. It took my little mantis a couple weeks to associate me with food and other good things.

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There are some species that stay very small and can be kept in a pico tank, like my littlest guy in the pest tank--he's maybe 1.5" to 2" total length.


There are even some really colorful ones that stay small. Some of the Green Mantis (G. Viridis) are bright lime green. And do a search for G. Smithii if you're interested, they can be kept in a 5 gallon and are considered very interactive. Most of the little ones are safe to keep in glass tanks and can handle bright reef lighting.


They run the gamut in size from about 1.5" to the big Peacock and some spearers that gets up to 7". I would recommend a smasher type mantis as the spearers require a special deep sandbed.


And it's really only the Peacocks that need darker tanks due to a condition called shell rot. They come from deeper water where it's much darker.


Mantis shrimp are safe with corals, with maybe one exception. My new one, he will chip live branching corals. I'm not going to keep any colorful fuzzy sticks in with him though.


One thing to consider is that it should be a species only tank. Don't put anything in the tank that you don't consider expendable. Clean-up crew, such as snails and hermit crabs are tasty snacks to a smasher. Fish are dinner for a spearer. Sometimes you can keep a fish with a smasher, but they can kill fish, so consider them like the Star Trek guys wearing the red shirts.


Here's a list of all of the common ones that you're likely to encounter in the hobby.



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Just wait he'll start doing a little construction in there mine hollowed out a rock in my sump

When I had the mantis you now have I would hear him smashing away and go look at him to see him in his hole smashing out stones to make it bigger. Then he would use the stones to barracade himself in side so he could molt.

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Here's another good look at Chuck Norris the sea monster!



I'm super excited tonight because we have a couple friends driving up from San Francisco to visit us, and they're bringing with them a 25 gallon tank with them! I managed to score Micro-Reef.com's original 25 gallon display tank, canopy and stand for an insanely good deal, and I organized transport in the back seat of our friend's car. On top of that, Mike practically gave away a tunze 9002 skimmer and a chiller to boot. This is going to be one amazing mantis tank!


You know what they say... Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Stay tuned, I'll be starting the build of the ultimate mantis tank early next month!

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He sure is. He is a very curious critter. I can tell he is going to be a real charmer once he joins the gang in the parrot room. I'm thinking about making the tank a low light mushroom garden with lots of different mushroom corals.


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+1 to that got to have some colors in there to accent that charmer

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