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20 long my first tank


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just got done filling it up, going to get a piece of LR tomorrow to seed and cycle the tank. Let the fun begin.


20g long acrylic

koralia 750 powerhead

biowheel 350 HOB (biowheels removed going to run purigen and chemi-pure)

hydor 100w heater

4bulb t5 fixture

30lb dry reef rock (going to get a little piece or two of LR to seed)

20lb sand from reefrocks


i think thats it, this is my first tank of any kind unless you count a 55g tank with a red eared slider in it. any comments or suggestions are welcome as im a total amature at all of this.

thanks for looking



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royal gamma

fire fish x2

false percula clown


Going to be a softies only tank maybe a lps or two, just going to take it real slow and easy see what catches my eye. I plan on keeping it sumpless for now not really in a living position where i have room for plumbing and such.

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I have a seed rock you can have and a finger leather about 3" that you can also have once your tank is cycled.. pm let me know if you want them GL looks like you off to a nice start, welcome to the Addiction. also a couple of starter shrooms and a couple other things..

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so, went to TPA and got a piece of LR on sun to start cycling and seeding the tank. Nothing changed in water tests till tue morning, ammonia started to show up and by tue night peaked at 5ppm. Ammonia stayed there till wed night when nitrites showed up at .25ppm and ammonia had dropped slightly. Didnt get around to testing this morning but got home tonight and ammonia is at 3ppm, nitrite 3ppm, and showing first signs of nitrate at 6ppm. Im also seeing what appears to be a diatom bloom on the rocks and sand and some green algae in one spot as well. Thats it for my mid week update, as always any comments or advice is appreciated.






sorry photos are not the greatest still learning how to shoot a tank

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OK so i'm going to get a CUC tomorrow as my cycle has finally completed, but I am not really happy with my HOB filter. So I have decided to make myself a HOB sump/fuge.




dimensions 30"x15"x4"


This is what i have so far going to use a Hydor Pico Evolution Mini Pump to go from DT to the sump and then have it gravity feed back into the DT. I'm going to build a removable media rack to go in the spot between the intake and the fuge area. The fuge area will have LR rubble on bottom and cheato in it, i will probably move my heater to the last chamber of the tank as well.


Please let me know what you think, will this work or am i just wasting my time?

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He is still at a point where he could drain the tank and drill it, even retain the water he has with a few jugs. Or just buy an overflow box. I see he says it's his living situation, but I feel a sump is much more fool proof than a hang on back for overflow issues etc. that's one thing to keep in mind. Either way ya go good luck and the tank looks good!

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I like hang on fuges simply because you pods dont have to go through a meat grinder to get back into the tank they just take a nice gentle swim back into the display where they can get devoured by your fishies. Also the slower flow of the hang on fuge allows you to run more flow through your sump wich means more water being turned over throught the filter sock and clearer cleaner water these are just my opinions based on my experiences and not based on any facts =)

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currently the tank is sitting on a shelf in my living room so there is no space underneath it for a traditional sump, plus no real room in the house to put it somewhere on a stand the kids turtle tank takes up the only good spot. I think this plan will give me the same advantages as a regular sump, or as close to as i'm going to get with the space i have to work with. I also think and correct me if i'm wrong that I shouldn't really have to worry about overflow issues as it's gravity feeding back into the tank, so unless the output got totally blocked I shouldn't have a problem.

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