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WTB Tank Set Up


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Well the woman's bday is oct. 10th and she would like to join the saltwater hobby. She wants her own tank and for me to show her how to maintain it. I'm not to sure on how much money i'll be able to scrape together so for right now just window shopping. She wants something big.. all women do haha. She likes the 120 of 4x2x2 or one of the longer 150,180,210. Would like to get a stand/canopy with it.. and as many extras as possible. I probably can't afford a whole setup but at least I can get her something to look at until I can afford the lighting/skimmer and what not.


So if you have or know of something like this let me know! And she is very picky about scratches so little to none on that.

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I got a full 90 Setup and a full 55 set up both turn key. Pm if interested I will get you some specs. I put a thread up with them in it a while ago. To lazy to look for it right now.


thanks, not quite what she wants but i'll keep it in mind


Epic1 has a sweet 150 fs if he still has it. I'd buy it if I had the cash


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Yeah r-3 bought it :9

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I have a 120 of 4x2x2 with dual overflow full setup with fish' date=' AquaC EV-240 protein skimmer, 500Mh lights, 100 gallon four chamber sump, two Mag drive 12 and 9.5. Two WP-40 Wave Makers, Heater, 150lbs of live rock, switch board, RODI and much more.[/quote']


Just a heads up, gotta look at dates of the last post, especially now. We lost the last 2 years of the forum so this is a thread from 2012.

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