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Wtb tank,


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75g tank, stand and hood $100. It has PC lights in it, most work, but some were not working and I did not try to figure out why. They can be easily removed and replaced with whatever you want.




Fill it with "real" live rock for $2/lb




Or Man-made concrete rock for $0.50/lb




I also have pumps, powerheads, skimmers, sand, etc. Very cheep. Everything must go. If you don't like the price, make me an offer that I probably won't refuse.


Pretty soon it will all go to craig's list.


I am moving across the country in about a year, and selling off everything.


Sending a PM to you


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55gal tank w/ stand and canopy. Tank is not drilled but could be, back is painted black. Stand needs to be varnished to match the canopy. I built the canopy myself has 4 doors for easy access on all sides. Needs trim piece put around the front and sides (see pictures). Also come with a 20gal long tank for a sump. (sry no pics)






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At the rate your upgrading steve, you might as well skip the next level and go straight to 400g. (clap)

I went threw the same process. 12g, 29g, 55g, 75g, 125g, 300g. Next???(whistle)


really though... lol my gf is killing me with all the money and time i spend looking and buying reef equipment and LS, (wife) lol

im trying to go slower with this tank, while stoking my little biocube, looking to buy piece by piece, get my apex and then begin the cycle with everything ready to go.

my biocube i kind of have built as ive gone.

yeah i started with 2g, to a 10g (which is my mini leaf lair) and now a 29g. and i literally have had this thing cycled for about a month.... i think im addicted my friend


id love to get a taste of the 400g though.. (drooler)

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