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Anybody want to help ID these???


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So I got these paly zoas today


And can't seem to find an ID for them online anywhere..

I decided for the time being to call them "galactic alien eyes" anybody knows the real ID (if it has one) chime in and let me know


Also if you find a better name to call them or agree with the name I decided to go with, please post away and let me know your opinion.


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What were they called when you bought them. Way too many names out there. If they didn't have a name when you got them you can bet there's no designer name for them. Or nothing worth looking for. They look nice though


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Yeah Rudy didn't have them named. Just always nice to have a name instead of my "purple speckled green mouth palys" lol idk they are nice enough to have a name.

Also Rudy has sunny Ds for sale not named.


Cuttlefish said they kinda look like a space monster without the green rim.

I can agree a bit but the space monster has kind of a pinkish inside.

You can't really tell (cause my crappy picture quality" but the skirt of the zoas or dark blue.

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They do look like that but the ones on coralpedia look a little green on the inside not sure his are like that they seem to be a bit dark blue around the mouth.


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Ya, well close as I can find em.. I'm pretty sure they are a PE morph cause I have em in my tank now and the green mouth is the usual PE mouth.

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