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smallish overflow boxes wanted


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My new tank has a hole drilled in the upper back corners, now I need a couple of these (but hopefully not at 55 bucks each), anyone got some laying around or a tip on a local source?


Someone should make them mount with magnets so if a fish gets in there or the strainer gets clogged you can easily access the drain. Going to try and glue magnets to mine when I get them.

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i have 2. one is 4 sided and has teeth on 3 sides about 7" tall 4" wide and 3" deep.

the 2nd one i had made for me it is ment to be siliconed in and waqs made for a nano so is 4x4x2 1/2". gotta get 20 out of each as i paid 30 for them. send me a text at 5412807817 if your interested and want a pic.

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