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Time to re do the rock


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So I have decided to re do my rock work. I'm sure as some of you can tell I never put that much effort in it anyway. Noticed last night that my hippo needs more room. I plan on moving him to my 55, but am waiting to put more rock in it.


Here is a before pic



Now to get my hubby up, so I can remove the hood.

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If you can go vertical' date=' it makes the tank look a lot more reef like! You can see in my horrible tank pics how the rocks are stacked on top of each other, some only about 5-6" from the surface. Also if you are tricky you can create ledges out from those pillars to put coral on[/quote']


Looking at your pics is kind of what gave me the extra push I needed.

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I took off the hood and re did the rock. Doesn't look all that different, but my hippo does have more space behind the rocks. Also I managed to give the clowns and bta more of their own, so the hippo wouldn't crowd them any more. Turned some rocks around so the corals that are on them could be seen and freed up rock for more corals.Stacked the rock higher on the left as well. Now the WC.

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