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*** Happy Hour, Sept. 25 ***


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Ok folks, it's time for another Happy Hour. It's been too long, and the summer is coming to a close. It's time to start up the happy hours again!


The Place: Slingshot Lounge

Location: 5532 Southeast Center Street Portland, OR 97206‎

Time: 5:30pm-6pm or whenever someone gets there first. We usually hang out until at least 9pm, so if you can't get there early, we'll probably still be hanging around.


As always, much fun will be had. Please join us if you can. You'll learn volumes of useful information and make some great friends in the process.



If you're going to show up late and want to see if we're still there or want further info, feel free to call or text 503-342-7939. (Note: this is a temporary burner number and I don't have the ringer for it turned on, so I might not immediately respond)


P.S. This event is not affiliated with PNWMAS at all, it's just me inviting you to join a couple of us for nerdy aquarium chit-chat. It's fun!

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You know I am in! Slingshot rocks. For those not familiar it's about 20 feet off Foster near where Powell and Foster meet. Across from the gun store, just down from the taxidermist who has antler lamps on sale... always. Sad to report they no longer have air hockey or foosball, now it's just 3 pool tables in the side room. And a bunch of pinball machines.

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