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pit bull owners


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Just saw on my facebook that someone is posting on the web and youtube that halloween this year is national kill a pit bull day. It says what to use to kill them and to see how many you can kill by midnight halloween night. As a pit owner I am sickened by this. I just wanted all pit owners to know because there are people who will try this. I live in a town that is probably 60% pit bulls and am making sure to let all my friends and neighbors know to keep a close eye on there dogs around halloween this year.

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Thanks for the heads up. I have a pit/lab mix but he looks pit. They need to trace who made that...I know facebook has policies against that kinf of stuff, and usually work with authorities to find out who it is. I wouldnt want to be found out if I was them, have a lot of angry pits abd their owners after you

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I would hate to see someone lose their family member just because of someone's idea of a sick joke. The breed isn't for everyone but as a owner of a beautiful pit I will not put up with people who are ignorant or just plain cruel. You don't have to like the breed but it doesn't give anyone the right to just go out and kill them for their own enjoyment. There are plenty of breeds I personally don't care for but would never cause them harm.

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