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Splicing cables?


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Ok So I got a electric ballast, and am trying to splice the connection end from my magnetic ballast to my jbj to the electric ballast. Problem the electric ballast has 3 wires green (neutral) black (-) white (+) I'm guessing lol. The jbj end I need to splice. Has 5 wires tan/brown, yellow w/ green stripe, white, black, and blue. Anyone every try to do something like this?



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In the past it has been my experience that most wiring uses a similar pattern. I would say that if your using AC120 power green is ground, white is neutral, black is positive. In your case I would go black to black, white to white, green to yellow w/green stripe. Blue is generally a switched power and tan/brown is usually a second neutral for the blue. Just a guess since I do not have your paperwork and have not actually seen the plugs. Hope you get it all figured out.

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