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29 Oceanic Cube Sea horse tank


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Yes, I'm copying you Jesse. Here is my start will update as it comes along with pics and possible videos. Starting this tank with more knowledge of the hobby than when I start my main 135.


Light from Blue Z Reef(Jeff) with a great deal. Thanks again Jeff and nice meeting you. Definitely will do some trading/buying down the road.


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Imitation is a great form of flattery...(laugh)


What type of horses are you planning for? Jump online and check out seahorse.org and also I would suggest getting your seahorses from seahorsesource. Dan is the man when it comes to breeding seahorses. That's where mine went. Either way congrats on the new tank! (clap)

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Which horses you going to try? Kuda, erectus, or one thats not common. Ive debated a tank for a few erectus alot. I wouldnt personally go for a wild caught specimen, more risk for diseases etc. Best of luck, from what ive read be prepared to feed multiple times a day

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