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Well I have heard of others being shocked while working on the tank. Well I guess It is finally my turn. I was cleaning the glass on my tank when my elbow hit the halide reflector(light off) ZAP! I noticed it was touching another cord so I moved it with a broom handle to isolate it(my halide is on a track system). And took a look at the cord it was slightly touching. No problems there. Touched the halide reflector again and ZAAAAP! this time it hurt. So I set the halide setting on my reefkeeper to off(still shocked me in off vs auto setting) and removed the whole system. So here is my question. How to I test if the light is bleeding voltage to the reflector hood. I have a multimeter and an array of clamps and what not. I already checked for continuity between the reflector and all three pins in the cord going from the ballast to the bulb socket. All show infinite resistance. Now I want to know where to hook the ground probe with the whole thing powered up(light off). While hanging in the garage. Thanks for you help in advance. (wish there was one of those smiley things with his hair smoking)

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You can just stick the ground probe into the ground of your closest outlet. Put the red lead of your meter on the reflector and get a reading from that. A lot of times the insulation on the wires gets pinched where it goes into the reflector. Anyplace where there is a potential narrowing of the insulation poses a chance for developing a short. You may also want to look into the connectors sometimes a bent pin or a broken piece of insulator will cause a short. Another problem that can cause those issues are a sharp bend in the wires, especially solid core copper, it produces a hot spot with higher resistance in that one little section which eventually shorts to ground.


That's just a few of the things I have run across in wiring. There are more but those are the easy, common, and simple to fix ones that come to mind.

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