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One of the worst days since I started reefing

Harold B

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Well today I found out exactly what it feels like to lose one of your most favorite "prized" fish. Some might think of it as an easy thing to cope with. I've had a few "new" fish that had gotten sick/died on a few occasions and a couple jumpers none of which ever settled verry well with me, but somehow it was chalked up to being a part of establishing a system "cost of doing buisness" in this hobby. I had some 2/3 yr old Oscars I had to give up at one point and I felt pretty bad about that. I had alot of time to realize that it was in thier best interest and blamed it on myself as irresponsible husbandry choosing to get a HUGE saltwater tank when they were needing bigger quarters than a 75gal. But today I lost one of the two Picasso's that I had gotten from Dave "Barelycuda". They were hand picked from hundreds and hundreds of small differently marked clowns as Dave paitently sifted through ball after ball of tiny clowns untill I found two marked as I had imagined. It was my second time to the clownhouse but first time when a meeting was going on there. I had gotten one and waited untill the next "batch"(s) were ready before I returned for another to be it's friend/mate in hosting a RBTA in my new 250g tank. So with one slightly older than the other I the oftened wondered which one would assume which role male vs female and after a year and a half, today I found the "smaller" of the two, what I believe to be the victim of a gorillia crab i've been battling, I also noticed that the surviving one is full of eggs. I thought I'd share this with you all as it was during this time that I met most of the PNWMAS members, and whom without i'd never had this opportunity. Thanks everybody. Harold B.

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I know how you feel' date=' I just lost my mystery wrasse whom I've had for several years. :([/quote']


im sorry to here about your mystery wrasse i will probably cry alittle when my mystery wrasse passes


and i know how you feel harold. B im sorry to here of your loss i havent lost any of my favorite fish yet but ive lost a couple fish and always feel really bad

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