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120 gallon tank w/custom built stand and hood


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120 gallon tank, dimensions 60"x18"x26" awesome show tank! tank is drilled in both corners with 1.5" bulkheads and overflows

Custom built heavy duty stand and hood, these are furniture grade and were built with tons of room in mind.


asking $200 for all and am interested in partial trades for a good protein skimmer. or feel free if you have something you think is worth trading for, I may be interested. No livestock at this time though.


I am moving and am doing a peninsula style tank, since this tank is drilled in the back it wont work...

I can throw in a 20 or 29 gallon sump if needed and feel free to ask about any other equipment, I probably have it.

I am down in Corvallis and am willing to deliver it up to the Portland area for $50.


feel free to Pm or call me (541)760-2594

Thanks Kyle

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Gill, I have hundreds of pictures of the greenhouse and have always wanted to put up an ongoing thread on it, I just simply don't have the time...one of these days I will get a bunch of pics up!


Mike, I had a guy who was gonna buy it but broke his arm so there went all his money...He still wants it if he can come up with the funds. I am still needing a controller I'll give you a call in the next few days. and yes as far as downsizing This new tank is gonna be pretty cream of the crop corals, well that is except for this brown bubble coral in the greenhouse that has kinda grown on me...


tank is still for sale, make me an offer

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