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180 Gal Tank, Stand, Canopy, Lights and Other High end Equipment


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Now that most of the rock and livestock is sold, it's time to let go of the tank and equipment:


180 gallon Aquaeon reef ready tank with dual 1" overflows and 3/4" returns. This is your standard 6' x 2' x 2' glass tank that is 4 years old. It has a few scratches but nothing major. The stand is homemade using 2x4 and 2x6 construction with poplar and plywood skin over the frame. The canopy has 3 doors in front and one on each end. NEW PRICE - $300.00








SWC 250A Cone Skimmer with the Askoll pump. This is a very large cone skimmer that is rated for a large tank but worked well on this tank. I broke the impeller on the pump a long time ago and glued it back together and it has been working fine ever since then but a new one can be purchased through SWC for $89.00. Because of this I am only asking $400.00 for the skimmer. - sold Mitchell








Geo 618 Calcium Reactor. This is a very good reactor and comes with some ARM coarse media - $175.00 - sold thanks Kris




Aquarium Plants Electronic CO2 Regulator - Set the dial for the bubble rate that you want it stays there - $175.00 - sold thanks Kris




Vortech MP40w - Works fine and comes with original box - $275.00 sold CuttleFishandCoral






I will clean all items to the best of my ability prior to pick up. Please PM me with any questions and to be placed in line for any of the equipment. Thanks for looking.

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Is any of the livestock for sale separate from the tank


Yes. See this thread - http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?33256-3-Tangs-and-an-Angel


I also have about 40 lbs of live rock from this thread - http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?33162-Tearing-Down-180-Starting-with-Live-Rock


I also have a bunch of Xenia, Colt Coral, Briareum and Halimeda algae that I will give away for free.

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Dang I was hoping you had that blue hippo for sale I would take rock but my tank is pretty crowded I need to upgrade tank size your tank looms super sick in the pics to bad you had to take it down is there anyway I can get some of that xenia from you

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If you can make it up, there is a ton of xenia that you can have. A lot of it is growing on the back of the tank and won't be mounted but there is some that is mounted on some halimeda. That is a yellow bellied blue hippo that will make the move with me to my next tank.

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All the equipment is sold other than the tank and lights. I could also throw in two large LumenArc reflectors if someone buys the tank, stand, canopy and lights. Thanks to all of you who purchased the other equipment and showed up as promised.

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