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Brown algae


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What's the cause and the solution for brown algae it's on my sand and live rock came home from a trip to find it everywhere also my kenya tree is turning white and I think it's some sort of anemone it doesn't have long tentacles has been shriveled up also on a side note while I was gone my wife added Salem tap water in my sump instead of the ro water I got in the garage

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nitrates/phosphates probably, if it's diatoms, it's probably silicate. All three are probably blamed on:

1) lack of water changed

2) bad water used for change/topoff

3) overfeeding/underskimming/etc


I'd recommend do a hefty water change, siphoning all the crap you can (easy form of nutrient export, look up algae scrubbers for info). skim a lot (make sure you replace water skimmed out with saltwater, not fresh RO) and pull back on feeding. check you nitrates/phosphates daily for a week or so to see how the nutrients are (they may look low now because the algae soaked them up, but that's not a permanent solution on it's own...you want the algae gone).

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Is your tank newly setup? Some algea blooms are usually come as part of the end of the cycle prossess. Also what are your water peramiters. If something is out of wack that will set off a bloom pretty quick.


The algea must have nutrients to live (NO3 and PO4) so if you take that way they will die. You may read zero on the tests but don't be fooled. The algea may be sucking them up as fast as your tank produces them.

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