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Share the love- pseudochromis to good home


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I have a pseudochromis that started chasing my wrasse, so into the sump s/he went. S/he needs a new home before s/he jumps a baffle and gets sucked up the return.


The cons: these fish are known for picking on other fish, and she eats peppermints. She would be great in a frag tank, alone in a nano, or as the smallest fish in the tank (s/he's about 2-2.5 inches long).


The pros: S/he's pretty, healthy, active, and super tough. S/he originally got into our tank by hitching a ride in some live rock.


We live in close-in NE PDX. Let me know if you want him/her.





Photos didn't attach- here's a stock photo:






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Aw, s/he's actually a cool fish. Just doesn't play well with others. We had him/her in our frag tank for over a year, but we took the tank down a while ago. I'd keep him/her in the sump, but I'm afraid s/he's going to jump over the baffle into the return chamber. :)

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