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My 50 G Breeder

The Professor

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I've had my 50 breeder up and running for about 2 months now and realized i didn't have a tank thread so I thought I would start one.


In the tank right now I have:

2 Picasso Clownfish

1 Sand Sifting Goby

A Few Acros

Candy Cane Coral

Kenya Tree

Clean Up Crew


Here is a pic of the tank:




Here are the clownfish:




Here is the sand sifter (he is so fun to watch):



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Just picked up a gold maxima clam on friday and have had this RBTA for about two weeks now.


Here is the anemone...




Here is the gold maxima clam (it is about 1.5")




And then, is this coral dead or does it have a disease(it's the one in the middle and the one behind it)...








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You're going to need to watch that clam. Small clams like that have really bad survival rates. You should look into feeding it phytoplankton. Also make sure that your angel doesn't pick on the mantel of the clam.


The white bone like part of your coral is dead; the parts still with color are alive. How long have you had the coral?


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I do feed it photo plankton. I have done it once. How often do think i should feed it. The bottle says 3-5 times a week. The angel hasn't picked on the corals or the clam and i knew i was going to be taking a risk when i got him but so far he has been very well behaved. I have had the coral for about 1 month.

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